The Fast Black Honda Jazz GE8

jazz-jdm-1hello, this time there was a black honda jazz modification touched in some parts. honda jazz interior is still standard with the addition of a little red honda logo emblems on the wheel alone.

jazz-jdm-2On the wheels, this Honda Jazz using:
– Lightweight Lenso S2 15×7 Gunmetal
– Achilles 123 195/50 Semi Slick
– RSR down springs lowering kit
– Volk Rays extended lugnut


Exterior parts:

– Honda Red emblem
– No window tint
– SOHC i-VTEC decals
– Smoke Headlamp
– Esuse Foglamp
– Michiba H4 & H11
– G-speed antenna
– Denso sharp tone
– Modulo rear spoiler
– Shaved rear wiper jazz-jdm-4a list of some of the parts in the engine are modified:

– Greddy E-Manage Ultimate
– Dastek UNICHIP Type Q+
– Throttle module
– K&N Typhoon Cold Air Intake
– BudiKnalpot downpipe
– BudiKnalpot frontpipe
– BudiKnalpot centerpipe
– Jasma N1 JRM06 muffler



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