Powerfull Toyota Supra 2002 Twin Turbo Photo Gallery

toyota supra 2002 modified 4


Interior :
Speedometer TRD 320 Km/ hour
Tachometer TRD 10. 000 Rpm
3 meter pod gauges TRD : Fuel, Temp, Boost )
DEFI pressure gauges : Turbo, Oil, Fuel
DEFI temperature gauges : Oil, Exhaust, Water
DEFI VSD X life unit
DEFI gauges life unit type II
Custom DEFI gauges holders
Blitz ST Performance Display Unit
HKS Turbo Timer

toyota supra 2002 modified 6

toyota supra 2002 modified 8 toyota supra 2002 modified 3 toyota supra 2002 modified 2toyota supra 2002 modified 1

Undercariage :
Velg Volk Rays GTC ori 8. 5 x 19  & 9. 5 x 19
Project Myu 6 pistons caliper
Project Myu 380 mm ( 15. 3 Inch ) 2 pieces slotted brake disc
Project Myu type HC+ ( 500 – 800 degree ) brake pads
Project Myu full braided steel brake lines
TRD tie & long tie rods, bushings, bearings
TRD front JGTC Supra strut bar
TRD front and rear suspension rocker kit
TRD adjustable chamber kit
HKS Hyper Max II coil over
Valen sport kit damper depan – belakang
Carbing lower front and rear strut bars
Carbing floor support bar
Cusco rear strut bars

toyota supra 2002 modified 7

Audio :
Pioneer P 7550 7 inch touch screen tv
Pioneer TS CX7 center speaker
Dyn Audio MKII 5 inch front & rear speakers
Dyn Audio MKII 2 inch front tweeters
Power Ampere class A 2 x 50 watts power amplifier
Sound Stream class A Rubicon I 2 x 250 watts power amplifier
Audio Wire Gold Phoenix
Subwoofer : none toyota supra 2002 modified 5 toyota supra 2002 modified 9
Machine :
APEX – I AVCR Intelligent Boost Controller
APEX – I RSM Rev/ Speed Meter
Intercooler HKS
Carbing front cooling plate
Full HKS Turbo & Intercooler pipings
Full HKS 4 inch exhaust system Hypermax
Full custom stage 2 porting & polished
Full custom engine rotating assembly balancing
Full custom turbine balancing
Full custom engine cyrogenic deep threatment
HKS Twin Power DLI II ignition power
HKS racing plugs
HKS racing plug silicone hoses
HKS ground Earth
HKS air suction kit
HKS Oil Cooler
HKS adjustable Cam Pulleys
HKS SSQV Blow Off Valve gold fin edition
HKS air suction kit
Koyo Japan 3 layers racing radiator
TRD engine mounting
TRD gearbox mounting
HPI racing engine torque damper
TRD Single Carbon Plate Competition Spec clutch
TRD oil cap
TRD oil filter
TRD fuel filter
TRD Carbon Kevlar engine cover
Greedy oil catch tank
Greedy water catch tank
SARD full silicone engine hoses
SARD full silicone radiator hoses
SARD fuel pressure regulator
Power Enterprise Super Strong Timing Belt
Power Enterprise VVT – I Cam Con unit
Dastek Unichip piggyback


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