Honda Civic SR4 Picture Modification

honda civic SR4 1Spec:

– Mugen PU Front lips
– Honda Access door visor
– Retractable side mirror
– Honda Primo decals
– Custom front tow hook …. inspired by JSRacing
– Fog lamp EG, Depo, customized
– Headlamp Blackhousing, Depo, Customized
– Amber corner lamp
– Work RSZ-R alloy rims, made in jepun, Polished, concave rear rims, R.15, 7, et.43,
with Yokohama CDrive2 tires 195/55
– GAB Coilover
– Front and Rear Camber kit
– Skunk2 upper front adjustable balljoint
– No brand alloy upper front strut bar
– Custom lower rear tie bar
– ATE slotted disk brake
– Nissei front brake pad
– Edelbrock Russel braided stainless steel hose (front& rear)

honda civic SR4 2

– Vtec P08 Head
– ZC Engine block
– Engine Control Unit, P28 remap.
– MSD Blaster SS Coil
– MSD Distributor cap
– MSD Coil cable
– NGK Spark plug c able
– Denso irridium spark
– KNN Replacement air filter
– Custom intake piping
– Dspec oil catch tank
– Custom Header 4-1 + Bilion header wrap
– Custom radiator cooling system… powered by Suzuki
– Engine hut damper
– Samco radiator hose set.

honda civic SR4 4

– Honda Access OEM stainless steel Sport Muffler
– Custom Exhaust piping with bigger dimension
– Double resonator ; Scott resonator + Custom resonator

honda civic SR4 3

– EG9 duck tail with LED 3rd brake lamp, rep…
– EGR Rear Visor
– EG9 Rear Mudguard (short)
– OEM Civic 5th generation emblem

honda civic SR4 5

– Double Din Console+ glove box
– Single din coin pocket and cup holder
– Amber clock
– DC5 shift booth
– Skunk2 shift knob
– Momo 4 spoke, steering wheel, EG9
– EG SiR Front seat
– White cluster EG with door+trunk sensor & customized integration with engine hut sensor,

seatbelt sensor, and low speed 180 km/h
– Short armrest EG
– Door tweeter EG


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